About us

Nature Choice SAT produces, markets and distributes fruit and vegetables. We are situated in the region of Poniente, in the province of Almería, one of the most extensive areas of protected crops in the world. Our company was established at the beginning of the new millennium with the aim of offering healthy and high quality products to the most important markets in Europe. It was established in the year 2000 by 14 farmers with wide experience and knowledge of the quality requirements of the large distribution chains and of the most demanding customers.


We are essentially producers and we market all the fruit and vegetable products from our own farms. This is the only way to ensure that the quality we offer starts right from when we select the seeds.

Our crops grow in a special subtropical microclimate, so we are able to grow our produce all year round. In the European subtropical climate on the south-east coast of Spain, we enjoy an average of 3,200 hours of sun a year, an average temperature of over 19°C – with relatively low humidity in general – where irrigation water comes from underground water flowing from the nearby mountains of Sierra Nevada. Thanks to these conditions it is a fertile region next to the only desert in Europe, and we are able to produce the best fruit and vegetables in the Mediterranean.

Mission, vision and values


To meet our clients’ needs and expectations, offering healthy and high quality products, with a team of competent professionals with wide experience, the use of advanced growing techniques, and the development of best practices.


To be the best fruit and vegetable alternative, consolidated and innovative, for the main food distributors and supermarket chains in Europe, based on a good and dynamic relationship with the client, always offering a personalised service.


  • We rely on the effectiveness of our company’s management processesbecause they enable us to quickly respond to the needs that arise in our business.
  • We are able to learn; we listen carefully to our clients and members of the organisation to know their proposals and needs, so we can make new decisions and propose suitable alternatives.
  • We are fully committed to our clients; we are aware of their requirements and expectations, and we develop actions to improve and increase their satisfaction.
  • We work in multidisciplinary teams and encourage the participation of everyone to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.
  • We understand that people are the most important asset and we encourage their development and welfare.
  • We work as professionals, with transparency, honesty, loyalty and respect towards people and the environment.



The company has a production surface area of about 400 hectares, coordinated by our Technical Department, where varieties of cucumber, pepper, tomato, watermelon and melon are grown seasonally, including mini or snack vegetable specialities.

Our greenhouses have the most advanced structures and computerised management systems to control both the growing, the climate and fertigation systems. Crops are monitored daily by the company’s technical staff, who work together with the farmers and watch the development of the plants, from when they are transplanted to when they are picked. They make sure that best growing practices required by Nature Choice SAT are applied to all the crops, based on the Global GAP and Integrated Production protocols.

Every campaign is planned following the needs programmed by the Sales Department, which includes the different agreements with our clients and sales forecasts.

Fruit and vegetable centre

The produce is picked and transported daily by our farmers to the fruit and vegetable centre, which is a modern 18,000 m² facility equipped with cutting-edge technology to wash and calibrate our products, where more than 230 professionals work regularly, packing products which have been previously selected following product specifications established by the Production Department.

The entire process is controlled by technicians from the Quality Department, who, as well as making sure that the established hygienic practices are complied with during the process, control the compliance with the product specifications required by the client, and ensure product traceability. Once the production process is validated, the product is immediately pre-cooled. For this we have 8,000 m³ cold storage facilities, which include fast cooling systems, so the product can be shipped in optimal preservation conditions a few hours after being picked.

After being shipped, staff at the Sales Department follow up the product’s logistics until its delivery is confirmed at our clients’ facilities, to be distributed later on; ‘… straight from the field to the table’.

Organisational chart


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