Nature Choice SAT’s commitment to the quality of the products it markets starts from when the seeds are selected – the varieties that best adapt to our clients’ requirements are selected, and those that meet the agricultural needs of our farmers. The varieties also keep all the guarantees of having been grown by normal processes, free from techniques that include genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The surveillance and monitoring procedures established in our Self-monitoring System enable us to validate the different stages of the production process, from when the product is picked to when it is packed and shipped. For this, physical-chemical and microbiological analysis controls are carried out on our products and facilities in accredited laboratories, which verify best farming and hygienic-sanitary practices established in said process, and which also guarantee that our products comply with EU food safety regulations.

With our Traceability System we identify in real time the origin of our product, as well as its location in any stage of the supply chain. This information is recorded and filed in our database.

Internal audits are carried out periodically – on one hand they ratify the processes linked to safety and harmlessness of our products, and on the other hand, they optimise processes that can be improved. Our Self-monitoring System is annually subjected to a certification process that accredited the compliance with global food safety regulations (IFS and BRC).