Mermelada Tomate (Halloween).


500 grams of Nature Choice Tomatoes

125 grams of brown sugar

125 grams of white sugar


We are presenting a fantastic way to use up tomatoes and to have something different as a side dish or as a base for Tostas (thin toasted bread), Pinchos (kebabs) or Canapes (canapes). It is also perfect by itself.



Peel and take the seeds out of the Nature Choice tomatoes.

Being a jam it is important to keep the exact weight so once they are peeled, weight them to reach the 500 grams.

Mix the tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients (all of them)and put them to boil, preferably in a high boiling pan or even a large pot. The heat should be on medium once it stars boiling and the boiling time should be  about 50 minutes. In any case it is essential to stir the mixture from time to time. It is also important not to let it dry completely since once away from the fire part of the water solidifies.

Once the mixture obtains the jam texture, we pour the finished product into an airtight container.